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The pendant

What is "IF"? - "IF" stands for Innate Force.
IF is an exciting product which promotes self-healing in the body by activating the brainstem. IF is worn as a pendant which contains a chip developed by acupuncturist and chiropractor Dr. Hitoshi Kimura.
Scientists and doctors have long thought that nature's healing energies are transmitted via the brain, specifically the brainstem, to the rest of the body. IF improves this transfer of healing energy by adjusting and correcting the brainstem to its ideal state, and it does this subtly and safely through vibration resonance.
The body has amazing self-healing powers. Many of these mechanisms are controlled by the brainstem. IF assists the brainstem in self-correcting nerves in the spinal cord which then sends signals throughout the body to help heal many ailments.

When IF is brought close to the body of an unhealthy animal, the irregular vibrations in the brainstem begin to lessen as the brainstem synchronises to the effects of IF. This allows healing to take place. The vibrations of the brainstem will return to ideal over time as long as the pendant IF remains in proximity. When the brainstem is activated by IF, the seven bones of the cervical spine, which are close to the brainstem, readjust and realign in a domino-like effect along the whole spine. This process produces many positive results:

  • Decrease in joint pain
  • Increase in energy
  • Improved appetite
  • Improved digestion & circulation

  • IF is easy to use. Wearing it as a pendant around the neck keeps it close to the brainstem so that it can continue working wherever your pet goes.

    A truly portable therapy!
    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    "Natural Healing Energy and the Brainstem"
    Our autonomic nervous system supports our life systems without our conscious input. For animals, such as dogs and cats that have the same basic physiological set-up as humans, the situation is the same. They, too, do not consciously think and control these basic life systems ? and about the existence and use of the body's natualnatural healing power ? even less so. So what is the secret of being healthy from the core of one's being ?

    The answer is in the action of the brainstem. It is the activation level of the brain and the brainstem that decides the strength of the life force. The development of "IF" marks the first instance that a pendant that activates the brainstem has been developed in an orthodox western medical hospital environment, with the under the concept that a source of nature's healing power lies in "the brainstem".

    Price Price : US$220
    Including Shipping and Handling Fee
    * EMS (International Express Mail Service)
    External Appearance External Appearance : A square-pillar shape
    Size : 21 x 5 x 5 mm
    Material : The pendant, the housing of the semiconductor chip, is made from acrylic resin to give it a hard durability.
    Weight : an extremely light 1 gm
    Colour : Colourless and Transparent. Under natural light it is pale purple.
    The Semiconductor Chip
    0.1mm thick and 1mm wide. Is set inside the pendant.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)