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The pendant
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The Inventor and Developer of "IF",

Mr Hitoshi Kimura of the Mutsuu Treatment Academy.

Mr Hitoshi Kimura
of the pain-free treatment academy.

Mr Kimura's main book
"The Healing Power of The Zero Vibration"
His second book
"The Way to Health With The Zero Vibration"
Mr Kimura says:
"I used to practice acupuncture as an adjunct to my orthodox medical practice, and realised that even though I was able to give patients relief from their symptoms, many still died from other illnesses."

"I noticed that there were limitations in symptomatic therapy, which only removes symptoms, such as pain, and doesn't get to the true causes which are at a level deeper than the symptomatic level. I started researching and pondering over what true health is. I also studied various healing modalities and techniques and came across the thought of B.J.Palmer, who developed chiropractic."

"Chiropractic is a truly revolutionary therapy that enables one to heal "incurable" diseases naturally by correcting the cervical spine via the correction of one or two distortions after which the spine rebalances spontaneously, in the manner of the domino effect."

"Chiropractic provides the evidence showing that the root of the animal life force is in the brainstem. This is a wonderful discovery that has many ramifications for the health field, but care must be taken that the untrained not haphazardly manipulate the spine. I have created a painless "body work" therapy that acts on the same area as chiropractic but does not require manual skills and pressures."

"I also studied things that have the nature to remove disordered wave motion (vibrations) of the brainstem. I developed one and was able to seal it in a pendant shape and so developed the brainstem activating pendant "IF". "IF" is simplicity itself, yet is almost miraculous in being able to achieve the activation of the brainstem safely through simply hanging it around the neck, irrespective of the age of the wearer"

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Examples of using "IF": 1
Examples of using "IF": 2

"IF" can be put on a string and hung around the neck. "IF" can be attached to the collar.
Examples of using "IF": 3

"IF" can be hung on a cage or pet carrier, in proximity to the pet.
Especially with baby animals where a collar maybe uncomfortable.

Price Price : US$220
Including Shipping and Handling Fee
* EMS (International Express Mail Service)
External Appearance External Appearance : A square-pillar shape
Size : 21 x 5 x 5 mm
Material : The pendant, the housing of the semiconductor chip, is made from acrylic resin to give it a hard durability.
Weight : an extremely light 1 gm
Colour : Colourless and Transparent. Under natural light it is pale purple.
The Semiconductor Chip
0.1mm thick and 1mm wide. Is set inside the pendant.

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